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There is two actual problems to be concerned with when it comes to anti-aging:

#1. Have I allowed myself to age too far and now can I recapture my youth?

ANSWER: All benefits and failures in regards to health, fitness, vitality, longevity, energy, etc. comes from what you eat. Most of the damage that we have already done to our bodies can be reverse by the correct nutrition. In some severe cases, after we change our habits and have done everything possible to naturally reverse the aging process, some minor surgical procedures might need to be performed to fully correct severe problems.

Opting for surgery without first correcting our nutritional habits is a recipe for future failure, added stress, and in most cases irreversible surgery procedures. So, to recapture your youth naturally and prevent rapid aging means the following:

  • LOSE WEIGHT: Eat those foods that will make us lose weight because the body is able to properly digest and process through your system.
  • BURN FAT: Eat those foods that will help "burn" the current fat in your system.
  • STOP OVEREATING: Eat the right quantity of food to avoid overeating and stressing your digestive system to the point that it stores instead of processing.
  • STOP INGESTING CHEMICALS: Read the "Nutritional Value" section of the labels in the food you are going to purchase to eliminate eating chemicals that the body can't process and damages your internal organs by being stored in your body for long periods of time.
  • STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL: If you want to make use of your current alcohol collection, switch usage to cuts, abrasions, surface cleaning, as a shoe stretcher, hair highlights, disinfecting, earwax removal, etc. to name a few.
  • STOP SMOKING: Do I really have to tell you why here?
  • VITAMINS: Understand what vitamins your body needs. Only take vitamins when your body needs them. Give your body a break from vitamins once a month for a couple of days.
  • WORKING OUT: Work out only 15 minutes a day 3 times a week with 10 pounds or less. Use the F.I.T.™ Fitness, Weight Loss, Anti-aging and Longevity system.
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT: Understand how to manage your stress level and what causes that stress to elevate in everything you do in your life. Use relaxing methods in your spare time, when you awake and before you go to sleep. Own your stress, don't ignore it, then work on reducing it or eliminating it.
  • CLEANSE REGULARLY: Cleanse your body regularly to eliminate those toxins that your body might have a hard time disposing of. There is a number of cleanses that you should do periodically such as:
  1. Colon cleanse
  2. Liver cleanse
  3. Kidney cleanse
  4. Gall Bladder cleanse
  5. Mental Detox

You should avoid attempting to cleanse too often and for too long of a time, since most cleanses also tend to eliminate friendly bacteria from your body.
All good cleanses will:
  1. Reduce the load of toxins going into your body and help speed up the process of getting the toxins out of your body by adding in cleansing foods.
  2. Remove the most inflammatory foods and help you identify which ones are the triggers for your body. These are the ones most commonly implicated in food intolerances and allergies.
  3. Help heal your gut. Gut flora imbalance and a leaky gut are some of the greatest sources of inflammation in the body.
  4. Give you tools that you can use in your everyday life post cleanse.
  5. Supply optimal macro and micro nutrients to fuel your body.
  6. Give you support and hold you accountable.
  7. Reduced joint and muscle pain
  8. Clearer skin
  9. Weight Loss
  10. Reduced cravings
  11. Reduce or eliminate bloating
  12. Reduce love handles
  13. Improved mental clarity
  14. Improved moods
  15. Help you continue losing and maintaining weight
  16. Hormone balance

As you change your eating habits you will notice your skin tighten, your moods improving, increased mental clarity, improved sleeping patterns, and your energy rising. Suddenly you'll began to look and feel years younger. Changing your eating habits does not mean that you will be restricting yourseves from the food you love. You will be able to eat everything you want, just without chemicals, additives, preservatives, coloring and wax in them.

#2. I don't want to age rapidly while I am still young. What is it that I should do?

ANSWER: While all of the above apply the only thing you should not have to face is any probability of minor surgery. In both cases above don't attempt to change your lifestyle more than 10% at one time or the stress will just cause a negative reverse reaction and it will be impossible for you to stay on course with your anti-aging plan.