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The Master Program

The Complete Fitness, Weight Loss, and Longevity Course.

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A 12-Month Fitness and Nutrition Guidance Program
Based on 50 Years of Experience

The real purpose of a fitness training program is to work out to stay fit, stay strong, and to experience a better quality of life.
During the 12 Month Program You Will Learn the Following:
  1. How to Accomplish an Increased Period of Positive Results During Fitness Workouts (I.P.P.R.).
  2. How to Recognize the "Window to Create Ultimate Physical Benefits."™
  3. Impact Activated Mode. ™
  4. When Your Body Reaches The Point Of Diminishing Returns. ™
  5. How to Avoid "Destructive Workouts"
  6. Why Working Out Less Gets Better Results.
  7. How To Have: Good Skin Tone, Healthy Muscles, Less Stress, End to Irritability, Get Fit and Stay Fit, Lose Weight - and Keep It OFF!
  8. How to Positively Affect Your "Inner Health".
  9. How to Accomplish "Outer Health".
  10. How to Eat Only Food.
  11. Why Vitamins Don't Work.
  12. How to Make Vitamins Work for You.
  13. You won't want as much and you won't want the same,
    but you'll still want and you'll get what you want,
    which is the key to staying satisfied. ©
  14. How to stop the "Accelerated Aging Process".
  15. Who do you turn to guidance on weight loss and fitness.
  16. Understand what speeds up the aging process.
  17. Eliminate tiredness, inability to sleep, irritability, diseases, and wearing down of organs in your system.
  18. Recognize Fake Foods and how they affect the human body.
  19. How emotions and social influence affect your eating habits
  20. Read Labels or read Ingredients? How labels influence wrong choices.
  21. 40 different ways of saying "sugar" in your foods.
  22. People eat garbage and believe that vitamins will keep them healthy.
  23. How Vitamins Work In Your System To Help You Stay Healthy.
  24. Can taking extreme amounts of vitamins become toxic?
  25. Can dietary supplements diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease?
  26. How do Mineral supplements and "Micro minerals," can fight off serious illness.
  27. Why short targeted workouts will eliminate stress.
  28. Seemingly, many people just have the need to "belong".
  29. Why Health Clubs can't properly serve the needs of the individual that wants to live a longer healthier life.
  30. Learn the pitfalls of lifting heavier and working out longer.
  31. Minerals... Do we need them? The 21 essential minerals the body requires.
  32. Rules on Vitamins.
  33. What should My Nutritional program be?
  34. Why not to Diet
  35. Why you should not Count Calories.
  36. How do I choose my foods?
  37. Body vs. Mind cravings.
  38. Body vs. Mind decisions.
  39. How do I listen to my body?
  40. Communication, communication, communication.
  41. State of Conscious Choice.
  42. Training your mind to stay "neutral" to accomplish the best results in your workouts.
  43. Influences on eating patterns.
  44. State of Unconscious Choice.
  45. Rules on hidden body damage.
  46. How to control your weight.
  47. Master Mental Craving.
  48. Understanding our P.D.R.
  49. Cardiomuscular© workouts. How to increase muscle endurance and strength.
  50. Pyrasetting© How to determine maximum performance ability.
  51. How to maximize your I.P.P.R.© - Increased Period of Positive Results during Fitness workouts
  52. "Window to Create Ultimate Physical Benefits":© A window of time where the body is able to achieve maximum results from a particular exertion
  53. The Body Is Sculptured In the Kitchen and Chiseled In the Gym. ©
  54. Maintaining your Impact Activated Mode during workouts.
  55. Correct workouts so you can have a life outside the Gym.
  56. How to avoid Laying Tracks during workouts.
  57. High Performance Workouts- Who should be doing them.
  58. Irreparable future damage in your workouts.
  59. How to avoid Temporary Fitness Conditions.
  60. What are Constructive Workouts.
  61. What are Destructive Workouts.
  62. How to avoid Temporary Fit Objectives.
  63. Most of all that is needed in a fitness program you are already doing,
    now you just have to do it right. ©
  64. The damage behind Stressful and long lasting workouts.
  65. Why it takes the complete cooperation of your whole body to properly work out one muscle.
  66. Is there a different effect between physical and mental stress?
  67. Are my workouts physically and mentally stressful even though I don't notice it?
  68. How do I assess future damage by my present fitness program?
  69. Form.
  70. Breathing.
  71. Concentration.
  72. Grip.
  73. INTERNAL BIO-KINETIC SHOCK LOADING™ from your workouts.
  74. Velocity.
  75. Counting repetitions and how it harms your body.
  76. Resting between exercises.
  77. Warm-ups.
  78. Static Stretching.
  79. Cool-Downs.
  80. The Core.

Everyone is Different and We Cannot Use Someone Else's Road Map to Carve Our Journey On. ©