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A Fitness, Weight Loss, and Longevity Expert

Mr. Sectzer was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 23rd, 1951. He immigrated to the United States at the age of fourteen, at which time he was struck with this uncontrollable desire to research health, nutrition, and body mechanics. He never drank, smoked, or took any drugs in his 64 years and at the age of 14 he gave up bleached flour, white sugar, carbonated drinks, incomplete carbohydrates, red meat, and anything with chemicals, additives, preservatives, or food coloring.

At that time, health clubs were just “gyms” mostly with limited rusty equipment, no machines, and the smell of sweat that today the health department would close them down for that alone. That did not include the lack of showers, air conditioning, or locker rooms.

The road to staying clean and healthy was a hard one at that time and label ingredients from that era would certainly put many of their manufacturers in jail today. His thirst for knowledge in the fitness and nutrition world had his mother questioning him and suggested he should be taken to a psychologist to insure his sanity.

Restaurants deep fried food, breaded it, served white bread (which “built you 12 ways”, mostly horizontally). Meat and potatoes were one of the favorite healthy meals at that time. He researched vitamins and minerals, tested many incorrect work out exercises available at that time, which caused him many injuries, but managed to adapt those exercises into good, effective fitness programs.

He created and managed a wellness corporation that for a span of five years produced wellness programs for over one thousand corporations in California and put over seven thousand people in health clubs. Dealing with the corporate world helped him develop the “under fifteen minute workout” that became so effective and sought after by corporate members, that he decided to write this book and create a series of on-line videos opening his fitness psychology to the whole world.

Through trial and error he found out the best way to create a base, a foundation for fitness programs to avoid injury, eliminate undue pain, and succeed in establishing a long lasting healthy routine. At 64 years of age he is still working out daily, follows a clean and nutritious nutrition program, and cooks delicious healthy meals for all his friends and family.